Write for Muuyu


Muuyu is a platform that is ultimately about connection and we want to reach out and connect with our growing community in as many ways possible.  That’s why we welcome contributions to our blog.  If you’re like us and love yoga and the whole culture of wellness and want to share your knowledge, insights and opinions with a greater community, please feel free to submit an article.

To get some tips on what to write about and to find out how to submit, read on!


What to write about

In creating a new and redefined way of practicing yoga through the Internet, Muuyu aims to encourage people to redefine their own connections in all aspects of conscious living.  This includes being conscious about how we connect to our yoga practice, ourselves, the people around us, the technology we use and the lives we are creating.  So, this is also what we want to talk about and what we’d love to hear from you.

Are there new ways to think about fitness and food or maybe technology and your yoga practice?  Do you have any inspirational, motivational or humorous ideas that provide valuable insight for people embracing a yogic life?


Here’s what we publish

  • Yoga news, buzz and interviews
  • Expert opinions and insight (everything from yoga poses, health and fitness to travels, tech and fashion)
  • Personal experiences in the realm of well-being, conscious living, yoga lifestyle & culture
  • Expert information on healthy eating and recipes


First considerations when submitting

Firstly, as all posts are submissions that means they are subject to review before we post them on our blog.  The fact that you’ve chosen to write for us is amazing and we would never change your article but we may need to carry out a few edits.

If we feel you’re article does not fit our blog for whatever reasons, it is possible we will not post it.  However, we do promise that you will receive a full explanation from us as to the reasons why.

Secondly, we can’t pay you for your post, but we can provide you with a platform on which to publish your work and therefore gain some exposure.  We’ll also be so darn happy that you wanted to write for Muuyu that we’ll  highlight your article all over our social media and through our partner links.  Feel free to do likewise on your own social media platforms – after all, the more people who know your work has been published, the more readers you’ll get.


Some further considerations

Though we would hope that the posts we receive are well structured and considered pieces, do try and be natural when you write.  Everyone has their own voice and we want to hear yours!  Also keep the word count somewhere between 350 and 750 words. Your subject may determine how long your piece should be so be mindful of that when you’re writing.

Also, don’t forget  the power of a great headline to grab the attention of readers and if you have a compelling image by all means send it with your article.  If we can print it we absolutely will.

It’s also important that if you quote or use someone else’s information in your post that you credit them.

And finally, if your post includes external link(s) don’t forget to include them in your submission email.


Where to send your post

So, if you’ve read all of the above and you want to connect with Muuyu and the Muuyu community through our blog – fantastic!  Welcome on board!  Please send your work to [email protected]

It make take us a few days to respond so don’t worry – you will hear back from us!