About Us

About the Platform


Muuyu is a unique, online yoga platform which enables you to do live, interactive classes with teachers from all over the world wherever you are – at home, in your work space, on the road.


About our Name and Ethos


‘Muuyu’ – interesting-sounding name, but what does it actually mean?

Well, ‘Muuyu’ is in fact an indigenous African word for the Baobab tree, meaning the ‘Tree of Life’. The Baobab tree provides life’s necessities – shelter, food, and water – in the African Savannah. Its connection to its surrounding environment and the people who live there is vital for its continued growth and preservation.

As an online, yoga platform reaching out to a global environment, Muuyu also believes in the fundamental necessity of connection for sustainable wellbeing – connection between teacher and student, connection within communities, connection to our bodies, connection through technology, in short – connection to our whole world.

Through our technology, which enables live, interactive classes with teachers from all over the world no matter where you are, we are giving the freedom to new and old yoga practitioners to redefine connection for themselves and so evolve the way the world achieves health and wellness.

Muuyu – more than just an interest-sounding name, then!

About this Blog


This blog is one of the many ways that Muuyu continues to connect with communities across yoga, wellness and …well…the entire globe. When it comes to  wellness there’s a lot to talk about and we at Muuyu have a lot to say!  We want to share all the exciting things going on in the life of Muuyu, including catching up with our teachers and hearing about pupils’ yoga experiences.   But we also want to chat about new ways through yoga practice, wellness, conscious living and social and lifestyle choices that we can redefine our connections to ourselves, our bodies, each other and the world.

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Meet the Team


Matt Devine, CEO

Bill Lynch, Director of Teacher Training

Hussam Hebbo,  Operations & Web Development

Noor  AlHiraki, Engineering & Web Development

Siobhan Colgan, Communications & Content

Paola  Schiantarelli, Marketing Adviser