Our Story

Muuyu is an online yoga platform which enables you to do live, interactive classes with teachers from all over the world at any time and in any space, whether that’s at home, in the work place or on the road.

The word ‘Muuyu’ is an indigenous African word for the Baobab tree, meaning the ‘Tree of Life’. The Baobab tree provides life’s necessities – shelter, food, and water – in the African Savannah. Its connection to its surrounding environment and the people who live there is vital for its continued growth and preservation.

As an online, yoga platform reaching out to a global environment, Muuyu also believes in the fundamental necessity of connection for sustainable wellbeing – connection between teacher and student, connection within communities, connection to our bodies, connection through technology, in short – connection to our whole world.

Through our technology, which enables live, interactive classes with expert teachers from all over the world at any time, we are giving the freedom to new and current yoga practitioners to redefine connection for themselves and so evolve the way the world achieves health and wellness.

Our Team



Muuyu’s CEO and resident yoga teacher, Matt moves equally easily among the Startup and Savasana worlds. Having previously worked in advertising and mobile content industries (he was the reason you could buy a ringtone for that Nokia you used to have), he has an eye for good business.

Born in Zimbabwe, Matt is truly an explorer and has travelled the world. He has worked in the UK, U.S., and Australia but still thinks Bhutan would be pretty great: they measure their lives by Gross National Happiness.

Coming from Southern Africa, he is of course an avid rugby fan and game food of choice will be Sichuan!


Operations &
Web Development

Hussam has been with Muuyu since the company began in 2013, working as the Chief Architect for developing the website from scratch. With his skills in back-end web engineering and analytics, he has built the system structure and defined the website's technical standards. A Computer Science graduate, he majored in Artificial Intelligence and previously worked on data analysis and Biomedical Engineering.

Moving to Berlin 2 years ago from his hometown of Aleppo in Syria, Hussam continues his passions for photography and obsession on what to invent next. He’ll soon do a bungee jump and since he reached a black belt standard in Tae Kwon Do, he can scare the fear away!


Engineering &
Web Development

Noor, our front-end engineering genius and keen perfectionist.

A Computer Systems Architect, obsessed with technology and will know the answer to just about any query we have for him.

His imagination knows no bounds. He ensures that our user experience is at the highest standard of accessibility and interactivity. His talents don’t just remain in the realms of the web either because he can also take charge of the kitchen domain! Italian Ravioli is just as easy to rustle up as his favorite dish from Aleppo, but someone else has to do the washing up.


Teacher Training

Director of Teacher Training for Muuyu, Bill is a lifelong student and teacher. He has taught technological art and design at several colleges across the US and directs yoga teacher training programs in his home state of Missouri.

A nature lover, he enjoys spending time hiking, canoeing, and camping in the beautiful Ozark Mountains near his home with his wife Jennifer and two children, Liam and Kate.

His yoga background is diverse and includes the study of Hatha, Anusara, and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Apart from teaching his own heart-centred classes and workshops, helping other yogis and teachers realize their path is one of his greatest joys.


Communications &

Born in Ireland, Siobhan has over 15 years’ experience working in PR and communications, including roles as Head of Press and Publicity of Ireland’s national theatre, The Abbey, and senior communications manager in the digital and corporate departments of RTÉ, the national Irish broadcaster.

She has worked at an international level on projects for the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism in Ireland, and most recently was a senior project manager with media consulta, a global integrated communications agency based in Berlin. She began her career as a journalist and was the founding editor of a popular events and entertainment magazine based in the west of Ireland.

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