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Hi, I’m Stephanie! Welcome to my profile

Yoga found Stephanie in 1992 while living in Key West during a life filled with roller-blading, swimming, scuba diving, and running. She still loved these activities but nothing quite made her feel whole and complete like yoga did. In her early 40’s as a mother of two girls, she decided to pursue becoming an instructor in order to share the gift of yoga with others. She brings her motherly compassion and her children’s curiosity to her teaching, integrating breath work throughout to support and enhance mind-body awareness. Her classes are accessible to all levels of abilities and incorporate modifications for those new to yoga and for individuals with special needs. Stephanie earned her 200 RYT with Studio Bamboo Institute in Virginia Beach, is registered with the Yoga Alliance, and is a Certified Yoga Warriors Instructor. Stephanie's Workshop training includes: Chair Yoga; Gentle/Restorative Yoga; Yin Yoga; Adaptive Yoga.