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Hi, I’m Rita! Welcome to my profile

Having enjoyed a yogic lifestyle for over 18 years, Rita understands the holistic value of a daily purna (complete yoga) practice. She teaches a balanced combination of Hatha/Core Strength Vinyasa Flow yoga. Passionate about sharing this lifestyle, Rita integrates her broad knowledge into a variety of classes. She guides her students to create equilibrium, where body-mind and soul come together for optimal balanced lifestyle for adults and also for children. Classes are tailored to the student’s needs, goals and level of physical ability.
She believes in the importance of building each asana (pose) from the ground up to enable lightness in each asana, yet strengthen the core & work the body from the inside out. With that enabling to achieve greater results & providing and stable base to connect to who we truly are. This will assist the student to practice at a safe yet effective level to create total equilibrium.