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Hi, I’m Matt! Welcome to my profile

My name is Matt and I have been practising yoga for 12 years, and been teaching for 7 years. I got into yoga because of playing rugby from the age of 13. A great game, but absolute havoc on the knees, and after reconstruction on both mine, I stumbled across Hot yoga, whilst living in Hong Kong.
The combination of heat and stretch made sense. The most noticeable thing after class, was not only the amount of water that I drank in one go, but the sleep that night. It was the deepest, calmest I had had in years.
I believe that part of yoga’s intense ability to heal is regulating one's sleep patterns, as with longer, deeper sleep more healing occurs. I teach a hot class, around 37C/98F so, all you need to do at home is find a small room, close the door, crack a window slightly open and put the heater on. I look forward to you joining my class. See you soon.