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Hi, I’m Keyla! Welcome to my profile

Keyla Escribano, also known as a "B-Girl", started to breakdance at the age of 13. Looking for something "new'' and "challenging", a friend took her to Vinyasa flow class. She was forever changed by it. Keyla enjoyed the transformation yoga sparked in her and she decided to deepen her practice. She started to teach in 2013 after attending Tymi Howard's teacher training. Keyla practices the 8 limb path, Hatha yoga being the foundation to her physical practice and her spiritual path includes study of indigenous cultures, holistic living and alternative healing practices. Keyla teaches yoga, and is a holistic health coach that teaches her students how to eat whole foods, and use foods as medicine to bring about optimum health.
As a teacher, Keyla has a free-spirited approach due to her background in a free-form style of dance, none of her classes are ever the same. She believes that life can never be planned; one must learn to give up control and go with the flow. Her classes reflect just that. A yogic practice that expresses love, surrender, healing, playfulness and most importantly gratitude