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Hi, I’m Karine! Welcome to my profile

I recently moved from Montreal (Qc) to Brooklyn, bringing along the good ol's canadian friendliness and lightheartedness. I teach hatha yoga with a strong penchant for restorative and therapeutics.
Here are some examples of classes I teach:
-Introduction to yoga: for beginners looking for a step-by-step initiation.
-Multi-level classes: adapted to beginners as well as more seasoned students; includes dynamic sequences as well as static pose exploration.
-Restorative and therapeutic: tailored for back care, bones & joints care, stress-relief, postural adjustments, immune system strengthening, etc.

300-Hour yoga teacher training with Sophie Laroche at Soham Yoga, completed in October 2013
250-Hour therapeutic yoga training with Antonella Morun, completed in May 2015
Several 10-day and 3-day Vipassana courses as taught by S.N. Goenka, since 2010
All certifications are recognized by the Federation Francophone de Yoga and the International Yoga Federation.