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Hi, I’m Brian! Welcome to my profile

I have always felt called to help others learn, heal and grow. This journey through healing during my early years inspired me to offer what I'd learned to others so that they may live their best possible lives, free from the physical burdens and emotional hurdles that life often presents. Since then I have devoted myself full time to being a healer, a guide, a teacher, and a mentor for others in need. I've treated thousands with massage or private therapeutic yoga and trained dozens of yoga teachers and found more and more that what people truly wanted when they arrived at my door and needed more than anything was partnership with a coach to handle life's challenges. As a result, I've shifted the focus of my practice to this type of holistic life coaching: offering traditional coaching services alongside the enduring power of therapeutic yoga. I am ecstatic everyday that my job is to help others be the best they can be, and even better than they dreamed.