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Hi, I’m Pradeep! Welcome to my profile

I am B.Tech, LL.b. worked with big IT companies for 15 years. I had seen first-hand devastating effects of chronic back pain. I decided to take a chance and try Yoga to heel myself. I cured myself within 6 months from chronic lifestyle diseases..
Did 1 year full time Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga and started teaching Yoga. My experience in IT comes handy while understanding the problems faced by IT & BPO professionals due to lifestyle and corporate working culture.
I am expert in Suksham Vyayam, Sthool Vyam, Corporate Yoga, Computer Ergonomics & Chair Yoga, Desktop Yoga, Rapid Yoga. These exercises eliminate energy blockages in the joints and outer extremities of the physical body. I have conducted sessions for big corporate.
Besides IT & Yoga, I has also done 2 years post graduate Diploma in Human Rights and is a RTI activist.
One should be regular in doing exercises to maintain a good health. Even a one minute exercise can make difference.