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Hi, I’m Kristen! Welcome to my profile

My yoga certification was achieved through Radiant Health Yoga and I am registered through The Yoga Alliance. I also have further training in developmental movement therapies through The HANDLE Institute and Brain Gym. My Olympia yoga classes provide an opportunity to create a union between body and breath that brings peace and contentment to the mind and spirit. Sound acutonics and aromatherapy accompany classes, creating a holistic experience.
My yoga classes offer a connection between your body, mind and spirit, guiding you to reconnect to your breath as it guides you back to your own Divine truth. My classes empower individuals to be in the continuous flow of unconditional love and compassion while coming into a greater state of peace and wellness. I teach Flow, Gentle, and Prenatal yoga.
Through my commitment to caregiving, I forge my relationships based on compassion, trust and unconditional love. Bodywork and movement helps us to reconnect with our soul’s truth and empower self-healing as we journey through all life’s sacred awakenings.