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Hi, I’m Dharmendra! Welcome to my profile

I am Master Dharmendraji a Certified Yoga Instructor from Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Research Foundation in Bangalore,India. Apart from being a certified yoga instructor, I have learned many forms of meditation and healing arts under the expert guidance of many spiritual yogis/gurus of the Himalayan Mountains during my spiritual journeys.

I teach the traditional style of yoga and meditation as taught to me by the Himalayan yogis. My system of teaching yoga and meditation is in a very easy and in very simplified way, which every lay person can also understand and can practice easily. Most of all my peace-loving, warm, and fun-filled nature makes me more lovable among my students and my followers. I am also being nominated as a Love Ambassador from The Love Foundation Inc, USA for spreading unconditional love through my noble services for humanity, All real yoga seekers can also avail my live yoga sessions online through skype from any part of the world,Namaste...!