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Hi, I’m Pleuni! Welcome to my profile

As a dancer and choreographer, I discovered yoga early in my life. I graduated at the academy of arts and completed my yoga teacher training in Thailand. Coming from a background in modern dance, I see my own yoga practice as one flowing movement sequence, rather than separate postures. For me, the transitions from one posture to another are as important as the postures themselves.

Yoga, coming from the Sanskrit root uYuj, means Union. It is a way of life that develops a holistic experience of the body, heart and mind. For me its all about being aware, opening the heart, and being kind to yourself and to others.

On this moment, I am traveling the world teaching classes, workshops and retreats. That's why my Muuyu classes always take place in different environments. Jungles, rooftops, mountains, colorful city centers or sea view yoga platforms. Want to know where I am right now? Check the map on!