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Hi, I’m Emily! Welcome to my profile

My first yoga class was in 2006. Many years later, I can say with confidence that yoga is one of the most valuable tools I have ever created for myself. My relationship with yoga is dynamic, it seems to morph into what is necessary for me (both difficult and easy) at the given time. Yoga helps me to maintain core alignment both physically and even more so mentally. I received my International Yoga Alliance Vinyasa Teacher Certification under the rad-iculously awesome learnings of Eoin Finn in the rustic and energetically powerful Ucluelet British Columbia in 2010. As one of Eoin's progeny, I am proud to say that I am a member of the BLISS ARMY \m/. I focus my teachings on alignment, stability, and my priority is to help my students to tap into their own aches/pains/physical goals from an energetic standpoint so they can become their own teachers and won't need me anymore!