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Hi, I’m Donna! Welcome to my profile

Donna Amrita Davidge has been teaching yoga since 1985 and holds a Masters in Nutrition. Her first fourteen years were immersed in Kundalini Yoga; her 1996 video The Challenge was chosen top ten by Yoga Journal.
In 1999 she branched out, studying Ashtanga, Dharma yoga, and Iyengar intensely while maintaining a full time teaching practice in New York City and summer retreats in her ancestral home of northern Maine.
Since 2003, her teaching practice has been an evolution from these modalities, which resulted in her first (and now ongoing 1-2 times annually) teacher training in 2009 at
Her approach is to teach in a personalized manner based on her own journey from a broken back skydiving in 1977, to being hit by a cab on her bicycle in New York City 1996. She places particular emphasis on the mental and spiritual healing of yoga, especially the breath.
Her retreat was chosen top ten worldwide twice by Gayot and she has written for - and been featured - in publications as a yoga teacher and retreat owner.